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Thailand. As mentioned in the anchor post prior to my return to Thailand with Green Pearls Unique Places, the common thread between their listed properties is a shared commitment and promise to the world, to do what they can for the environment and community that they are located in.

I’d had a taste of these practices at the Amari Watergate Hotel and Grande Point Central Hotel in Bangkok, yet being on an island offered a look at how this can be managed in a smaller less urbanised setting. Especially where there is a bigger area to work with, as is the case at Pimalai Resort & Spa.

I spent a few hours with Nurse (above), who heads up the Waste Management and Health programs, as well as many other aspects of the resort. A very competent and charming man who has put his heart into all things Pimalai for about 10 years. After an hour chatting about the work being done, he invited me to hop on the back of his motorbike and took me to see some of the projects in action. A privilege for sure and I learnt from him as we went.

The advantage with Pimalai is that they do have space, which is said to cover about 25 acres in total with protected forests on both sides and more than 90% of the flora and fauna uniquely indigenous to the Deep Southern Rain Forest, found here. This is under the constant care and maintenance of their qualified agriculture and forestry staff.

  • At the resort nursery where we spent some time, the gardeners undertake the task of shredding leaves and small branches producing the resort’s homemade compost.
  • Life is respected here and they list even the various flies species, bugs, cicadas, fireflies, numerous type of frogs, bats, ants, spiders, chinchoks lizards, tu-kaaaes lizards, flying dragon lizards, monitor lizards, squirrels, a variety of birds including eagles, tropical snakes, macaque monkeys, Dusky Langur monkeys as species that are welcome to coexist with the guests and Pimali team. That said the mosquitoes are challenging.
  • -There are notes to leave the doors of your rooms and villas closed, as those monkeys would make a mess if they did get in.
  • A full-cycle water treatment system has been installed and the large dam next to the fitness centre forms part of the final purification and holding process.
  • The Resort operates a garbage station to handle all solid waste materials. Excluding organic waste, all recyclable materials are separated by staff (cooking oil/ cardboard/ papers/ plastic/ glass); the small revenue made from these recycled items is used to then improve the garbage station.
  • To date they have successfully reduced their garbage by about 2500 kg year.
  • They get their fish from local fishermen, support local suppliers where possible and have an organic vegetable and fruit tree garden.
  • There are numerous ongoing projects with the local community where they take their sustainable and environmental lessons beyond the resort. This applies too with the almost 300 staff working at Pimalai, who seem to have all adopted the philosophy and gentle approach to the environment.
  • They do beach clean-ups daily as this is an area where litter is a big problem, mostly from passing boats.
  • We chatted about the boxed jelly fish threat that Thailand is struggling with right now, too many of them and their sting is lethal. Nurse told me this is as a direct result of the loss of turtles who used to keep their numbers under control. Now swimmers need to watch out for a red flag if there are any in the water.
  • The guests are much encouragement to help save energy and water.

So many simple projects and a long term commitment by the owners, that is seeing a significant change over the years.


Win who works with the Pimalai composting and fertilizer project.


It isn’t difficult to see why the Pimalai belongs to the Green hotels of Thailand, awarded for its sustainable efforts and idea.

Read more about their green initiatives and the work that has been done over the past decade to minimize the negative impact that mass tourism can have on this kind of vulnerable environment.

Now if only more establishments would follow this fine example.

See Pimalai Resort and Spa for more and follow them on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. 

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