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Last year I was lucky enough to receive the gift of a pair of Jeep Sandals that became my go to option as I took to summer explorations, see My Comfy Jeep Footwear. Thrilled was I by the gesture and the opportunity to partner with Jeep Footwear.

Then a month ago a note confirming my address as another pair was heading my way for the new Summer season. Well, that is an understatement. Delivered to me was a large box packed with useful surprises.

The JEEP holiday pack includes:

– Stylish Jeep Sandals chosen just for me.
– An incredible smoke coloured travel day pack.
– A giant beach towel and sunscreen.
– Water bottle – because who uses plastic?
– Selfie-stick – you know it! Travelling alone calls for extra reach.
– And a much needed waterproof phone pouch, something I have badly wanted since I saw people snorkelling with one in Thailand. This will be a game changer for waterfalls and boat trips.

Completely blown away by the usefulness of this newly acquired collection of presents, and will certainly find them useful as I explore more of our continent in the months to come.


As though the incredible surprise package wasn’t enough, inside a handwritten letter inviting me to enjoy all my pressies as I embark on the new season of travel. Very special and personal, time has been taken and these days, that’s a gift in itself. Also feeling like the brand really knows me and what I do, and that means very much.


‘Not that it should stand in the way of your love for travelling and exploring new realms, while conserving the earth …’ #quote

Thank you so much to Jeep Footwear and Footwear Trading for such a generous gift. I know I will be getting much use out of all of the items received. And to Tribeca PR, such incredible work, how lucky I am to be working with you. See more about them and their clients here: www.tribecapr.co.za.

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