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I just got my Kindle delivered, yes, it came in the post from Uncle Amazon and I do think I’m going to like it. But I also know beyond any doubt that my love of books and printed material will not fade. The smell, the touch and the feel always as significant as the content.

My love of books prompted a recent visit to The Centre of the Book near Cape Town’s Company Gardens, part of the National Library of South Africa. Housed in an eye-catching Edwardian building, it was created to encourage a love of reading and writing among young and old, well-read and illiterate. Writing workshops are hosted here, as are book fairs, with the latest offerings from home-grown talents showcased in the main hall.

Visit when you can, do something old school like get a library card, take an old book off a shelf and page through it at one of the tables. I did and it felt fabulous …

Gorgeous old street light outside the Centre.

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